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Regulatory Affairs

Ultima's regulatory professionals have great knowledge of the regulatory requirements and are affiliated with partners and consultants to complement the available expertise and allow the company to achieve distinguished results in registering files at the health care authorities.

Sales & Marketing


Our skilled and experienced professionals perform forecasting, market studies, analysis, and marketing plans committed to deliver quality services.

Regional business is supported by qualified professionals in various sectors of the medical field and who are fully committed to select quality products for the populations we serve.

Sales Representatives

The sales team is focused on 2 streams, namely, relationship with physicians and hospitals through our medical representatives and relationship with pharmacists through our sales and medical representatives.

Medical Representatives

Ultima's team is composed of passionate, client focused professionals with high integrity and who strive to deliver excellence. In addition to their understanding of company vision, objectives, policies, and systems, our team has very good knowledge of territory, hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies.

Ultima's team has built excellent relationships and contacts with key institutions and professionals.

Our Sales Department:

  • Covers various market sectors (pharmacies, hospitals, clinics) depending on product needs
  • Provides reliable customer service and ultimate support
  • Provides our marketing department with continuous market intelligence on products, competitors and market trends

Customer Relations

Ultima is highly valued by the health care professionals. The aim of our devoted professionals is to insure the continuous availability of our products in all the affiliated outlets.

The continuous feedback and open relationship we have with our customers helps insure continuous service improvement and satisfy the needs of our clients.


Ultima's operation system is aimed to continuously advance in long term planning and the same time interlink the day-to-day operation in a manner geared towards operational excellence.


We continuously invest in our company, to maintain the quality, availability, and efficient delivery of our products. We are proud that our warehouses encompass the following:

  • Great hygiene levels in all operations
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Precise and well organized sorting and labeling
  • Multi-level safety check points during order preparation

Inventory - Ultima insures proper inventory levels at all times. With the help of a distinguished interdepartmental coordination, we are happy to reach an inventory service that is appreciated by all stakeholders.


Ultima provides an efficient and effective delivery system, from sorting and packing, to delivering the products to their destinations, we oversee every detail to maintain ultimate performance.

Our team insures quality coordination with sub-distributors to guarantee best delivery to our clients.

SLOGAN: Quality for us is a state of mind

Quality Products

Quality Customer Service

Quality Team

Quality Operation